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Upcoming Lectures & Seminars

Psychic Powers Unleashed

Spend an evening with Michael Telstarr, Canada's Leading Mentalist Mentalist during which Michael will demonstrate how our psychic powers can bend spoons and cause a five dollar bill to levitate.  He will use the help of volunteers in the audience to demonstrate the powers we have within us and how they can be used in everyday life.  Learn psychometry and how to pick up psychic impressions.  Learn how you can develop ESP as Michael shows you the power of suggestion.
Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing was developed from observations of how highly trained psychics obtained information. The CIA was tasked with finding a way of either making it work or disproving it altogether.  With the help and direction of Ingo Swann, the Standford Research Institute and a group of operations in Fort Meade, the impossible proved possible. In this fascinating class, Michael will share some of his experiences, plus how remote viewing works and how it can be used to heighten personal insight and intuItion. Come learn how this exciting new technology propels us to experience humanity for what it truly is.  Michael has taken the Masters Class with a well-known individual involved in the now declassified "Project Stargate Program."

Out of Body Adventures

Using Monroe Institute Brain-Wave Technology in this full day class learn how to induce fully conscious out-of-body experience. Your experiences will be safe and fun and may provide one of the most exciting adventures of your life. Out-of-body experiences have been reported by numerous people throughout history and recent research indicates that these extraordinary journeys are both a very major and real human resource. Once you learn the basics you can walk through walls or travel to distant places. You can explore or travel to distant places. You can explore other times in history or just fly around your neighbourhood.  You many learn things about yourself and the universe that will astound you. You will also experience Hemi-sync, a powerful audio tape technology developed by Robert Monroe, the world's foremost OBE expert. Hemi-sync is scientifically  proven to change brainwave patterns in the listener and helps create deeply altered states of consciousness, including OBEs. 

Lucid Dreaming

What if any field of life could be tested in the world of dreams?  How would you like to "wake up" in our dreams and "control" your actions continuously while you dream? Now you can become whatever you dream, and dream whatever you become. Michael will help you learn techniques to increase your dream recall, enhance healing capacities, allow you to live out fantasies unavailable in waking life or rehearse for successful future outcomes. The possibilities are fantastic! By becoming more aware in your dream state, you are able to manage your dreams.

During this workshop you'll learn to:

  • Use Triggers that help you become lucid in the dream
  • Increase your dream recall
  • Interpret your dreams
  • Tap into the subconscious mind
  • Obtain altered states of consciousness and experience alternate states of reality improve performance.
  • Improve performance and prevent costly errors in waking reality.

Bring a mat and pillow. Optional manual and videos are available for study.
Remote Viewing Co-ordinate & Advanced
Prerequisite is any of Michael's previous Remote Viewing classes.

Remote Viewing was developed by the Stanford Research Institute for use by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Remote viewing is the inherent ability and therefore learnt ability to transcend time and space, to perceive people, places and things remote in time and space, and to discern information or knowledge on said targets. It provides a way to actually see and experience something remote just as if you were there. It was developed and initially used for espionage purposes, but you can use it for your own growth. In this in-depth workshop you will learn stages one, two and three of remote viewing, the theory behind it and why it really works, a series of remote viewing protocols and how to apply these protocols in everyday life. You will practice on actual targets.

Bring a yoga mat and pillow.  CD and manuals are included as well as handouts.