MICHAEL TELSTARR -  Mentalist / Mind Reader for hire at Entertainers Worldwide


Supernatural Entertainment / Paranormalist / Remote Viewer 


Michael Telstarr was born on Friday July 13th.  He holds 7 World Records in Escapology.  He is the youngest person to perform "Houdini's Water Cell Torture Escape" at the age of seventeen.  He strongly believes in mind over matter and the belief we are more than our physical selves. Michael has attended the Monroe Institute and did the Gateway and Trainer's Program. He has also attained his Remote Viewing Certificate in Co-ordinate, Extended, and Masters of Remote Viewing with David Morehouse.

Michael was an escape artist under the name "Scott Free" in his early years performing. He has done upside-down straight-jacket escapes in public, sometimes hanging 90 feet in mid-air in public places such as the Exhibition in Toronto and over Lake Ontario!
His love for illusionists and sleight-of-hand experts such as David Copperfield, David Blaine and others has led him to perform 

outdoor performances in highly visible places such as the Dundas Square and Toronto Harbourfront.

Michael continues to dazzle people in his private shows and public appearances as a master of mentalism and illusion.  See him bend spoons and keys, guess your underwear color, or see his ability to light up lightbulbs at will or levitate objects and move objects.
To boldly go where no mind has gone before. Michael Telstarr is a humorist mentalist and not a mental humorist. Depending on which side of the fence you're on! Entertainer and lecturer of the paranormal. He has attended the renown Monroe Institute where one of his greatest life experiences was meeting Mr. Monroe. Michael's interests span the depth of the paranormal. He is also a speaker in the UFO field.View Micheal's amazing feats on YOUTUBE under Michael Telstarr. Combined with his mastery of energy and principles of the metaphysical, he will leave you with a feeling of a being in the

M zone.

Michael is a professional speaker available for any event.