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Astral Projection

Below are three excerpts from the Out Of Body Adventures Manual. Michael shares with you some basic techniques on how to Lucid Dream and have Out-of-Body adventures. For complete and comprehensive step-by-step instruction, order Michael's tape and manual, or, if you are in the Toronto area, plan to attend one of his workshops!

Do You Sleep? Do You Dream? Do You Remember Your Dreams?
How would you like to "wake up" in your dreams and "Control" your actions continuously while you Dream?



What if any field of life could be tested in the model world of dreams. What if in Lucid Dreams you could improve performance and prevent costly errors in waking reality! Enhance healing capabilities! Live out fantasies not possible in waking life or rehearse for successful futures! Experience any way of being you desire.

Lucid Dreaming is where you are conscious and aware while in the dream state. You can learn to tap directly into the subconscious mind and experience alternate realities and much more.

Five Steps to developing dream awareness.

While these techniques can be done at anytime during the day, such as when taking a nap, you need to reserve an extra thirty minutes to do them before going to sleep. In other words if you go to sleep at 11 PM, begin the meditations at 10:30 PM. This will be more conducive to your training.

Now let's begin with Step 1.

Step 1

Find a comfortable place to lie down. If you can't lie down, sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Allow yourself to relax, deeply exhale, letting stress and tension escape as you, do so. Inhale positive energy, exhale the negative energy.

Step 2

Tense and relax each muscle, one at a time. Bend your hands backward at the wrist. Hold it tight for five to ten seconds. Pay attention to the tension. Release and relax. Repeat the tension relaxation for your forearms, upper arms, forehead, jaws, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs and feet. Let go of all tension.

Step 3

Set your alarm. Before going to sleep, set your alarm to awaken you 3 to 4 hours earlier than usual. Don't worry, you will go back to sleep after the next step.

Step 4

Get out of bed when your alarm goes off. You are going to stay awake for 20 to 30 minutes. Do something to occupy yourself, but do not do anything physically strenuous. Now, before going back to sleep, think about what you want to accomplish in your Lucid Dream. Where do you want to go?, whom do you want to see?, (Arnold you know who?, Linda Carter?, you get the idea!) (or what number of hours to sleep). Think of a single phrase or action, or, desire. Write this intention on paper, and write "When I dream of (intention or desire) I will remember that I am dreaming."

As you develop your technique the amount of time you remain awake will greatly diminish with practice.

Step 5

You will now incorporate what is called The No Body technique. While falling asleep, concentrate. As you fall asleep your body will become imperceptible. As soon as you cannot feel your bodies, imagine you are a point of awareness* from which you perceive, feel, think, and act in the dream world. Remember to will your intention before going to bed.

*Imagine a little version of yourself, sitting in the corner of your mind. This tiny person is immune to sleep. It is awaiting your commands. Ask it to increase your awareness after you have fallen asleep.

These steps need to be practiced and repeated as often as possible for best results to occur.


You do not need to have a near-death experience (NDE) to leave your physical body. Who would want to?? Access the natural abilities in your mind and experience other landscapes and energy systems, physical or nonphysical.

I) Learning to relax is a mandatory first step to projecting into the Second State. The Second State being the type of experience when you project.

Lie down and make yourself comfortable.

2) Close your eyes and visualize yourself outside your physical body. You may actually find it difficult to see yourself. If so, here is an exercise that will greatly improve your ability to visualize yourself.

Find a large enough mirror that extends to the floor. Sit in a chair or on the floor. Gazing at the mirror, memorize your features and your clothing. Now close your eyes and see yourself getting up and walking behind your physical body. Practice walking around the room. You will begin to experience a feeling of disassociation

3) Once you have practiced this method of seeing yourself walking outside your physical body, you are ready for the next step. Lie down again, and if it helps, put on some very soft and relaxing music. Be certain there are no bright lights, and that you will not be disturbed. Try to train your body to go to the bathroom, so as not to have to relieve yourself during the exercise. It can be very frustrating during meditation.

4) Now you must fine-tune your body. To do this, purse your lips to create a humming sound. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, create the tuning sound with your mouth. Try vocalizing the words OHM or AHH or combine both sounds experimentally. You will immediately begin to feel a vibration in your ears. What the tuning does is create a vibratory frequency throughout the molecular structure of your body. You are now relaxing and fine-tuning your Second or Energy Body.

5) See yourself rising off the floor, or rolling off the bed. Employ your visualization techniques while continuing to fine-tune. You will soon experience the remarkable phenomenon of astral projection.

Create a strong desire and a personal goal to project and astral travel. Be prepared to set time aside to practice as often as you can. Believe in yourself. The rewards can be great.


Here is a technique that is remarkably simplistic in its practice and approach. Remember that any method you utilize has to be done so with a solid intent of success.

You will need a small length of rope, about 2 or 3 feet long. Take the rope and get the feel of it imprinted in your mind. If you could tie it to something solid and then pull hard, then all the better. Feel the sensation of pulling the rope with your hands. Once you have the feeling of the rope firmly implanted in your mind, lie down somewhere comfortable and begin to initiate your relaxation exercises. As you begin to fall asleep, visualize an imaginary rope tied to the ceiling, directly above you. Now visualize your arm reaching, touching and grabbing hold of the rope. Now reach with your other imaginary arm. Gently begin to pull yourself up out of bed. You should begin to feel a separation of your bodies. Depending on your intent to project, your quality of relaxation and visualization, you should succeed. Don't forget, you are doing this in your mind only. Pull yourself up a few inches or a few feet. You may find yourself slipping from the rope and falling back unto the bed. That is all right. Just keep trying until you feel too tired.

This is a great technique and the success rate is quite high. Unfortunately, due to lack of space (ceiling) it only scratches the surface of projecting into the Second State. You should move to the 5 step method previously described for a more expanded travel.

Hopefully, you will want to continue this practice and learn more about what I've been talking about. Do not give up, keep practicing and someday we may meet, in the non-physical, that is.

Out of Body Adventures

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Develop the Power o Lucid Dreaming and the ability to Leave Your Body

How would you like to "wake up" in your dreams and "Control" your actions continuously while you Dream?

Answer Me This:

Do You Sleep?
Do You Dream?
Do You Remember Your Dreams?
How would you like to "wake up" in your dreams and "Control" your actions continuously while you Dream?

Well You Can !!! Well You Can !!! What if, any field of life could be tested in the model world of dreams. What if, practice in Lucid Dreams could improve performance and prevent costly errors in waking reality! Learn techniques to increase dream recall. Enhance healing capacities! Live out fantasies unavailable in waking life, or rehearse for successful futures! The possibilities are fantastic !!! Order your tape and manual today!


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