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SHARON AND I HAD A GREAT TIME AT YOUR WORKSHOPS. I HOPE YOU FELT GOOD ABOUT THEM. We learned more about your approach and what we do by experiencing your unique presentation. We recommended your seminars (OUT OF BODY ADVENTURES!/LUCID DREAMING and UNLEASHING YOUR PSYCHIC POTENTIAL!) to our friends and will hope to see you again when you come to MINNEAPOLIS. I've been trying to move that block of wood over for the last few days now, you never did tell us what you do to accomplish that amazing feat. I'm pooped after all this trying. Maybe A TREE STUMP IS TO BIG AN OBJECT AND I  should start out with something smaller.....say cards...? TAKE CARE, MICHAEL .and be sure to let us know when you're coming back.


Accredited Trainers from the Monroe Institute

HI, Michael,

I have recently taken your seminar on OBE in NEW YORK CITY, Manhattan. I would like to thank you for sharing your information with everyone and for being very open to answering questions. I didn't have a chance to tell you at the time, but the reason

I elected to come to your seminar (out of a great selection of many others), is your picture. You have a bright light coming out of your eyes and it looks like you have an uplifted spirit around you. I knew at that moment, that I will sign up to see you in person.

My share of OBE has been short and irregular. But I know that there will be much more to come, THANKS TO YOU!....And one day, I'll stop by and say HELLO. KEEP PLANTING SEEDS,
From ITAI R.

Shannon H. - “This was a great experience! I now know what to do when I dream”.

Ramona F. - “Wonderful Seminar, picked up a lot of information. Very insightful”.

Tina I. - “Extremely Informative, Michael’s knowledge and intuition on OBE’s gave me some great direction”.

Donna W. -  “Michael, great workshop, positive, fun, Cheers !”.

John W. - “Michael, thank-you this is very real, you should go to his classes, it’s like going home”.

Heather M. - “I found Michael’s class very helpful and enjoyed it very much “!

Karin G. - “ All I can say is EXCELLENT!, very helpful. About Michael’s courses. It allowed me to expand on my positive energy.

Dolores R. - “ Michael has positive encouragement and reminds us to go forward in developing our abilities”.

Jennifer B. - “Michael’s classes were great. Everything came together and gave me a greater understanding in my life!”

Adam L. - “I’m surprised his classes were so well done and his suggestions were very informative!”

Ursula N. - “I’m very impressed by Michael’s classes & energy. Many questions I had were well answered!”

Aline E. - “I found Michael’s classes to be very insightful! The class experience was excellent & felt comfortable!”

Erica J. - “WOW-AMAZING!! I found Michael to be very psychic! Thanks for your teachings!”

Peter G. - “Thanks for the class, it made me feel better about myself, my relationship & future! Thanks again Michael”.

Jackie C. - “Michael, thank you for your positive attitude and confidence to try something new & different!”

Edna K. - “ Thank-you Michael for encouraging me to go for it!”

Janice D. - “ I enjoyed Michael’s seminar. It was terrific and very enlightening”.

Krista R. - “Michael’s class was excellent. It was a great experience! Thank you for giving me insight on my life & future!”

Lucinda C. - “I loved the meditations, also had a great time. After listening to Astral sounds I felt like I was in another dimension!”

Lori R. - “Michael is an excellent instructor! Keep up the good work!!”

John T. -“Michael’s tapes were very interesting, reaching the Alpha State was very empowering.

               I feel much more focused on these techniques now!